How often should you replace your carpet?

This is a question that you might think has an easy answer: When it looks old, replace it? But that is a little too simple when it comes down to it. Let’s delve a little deeper into How Often You Should Replace Your Carpet? We’ll begin by giving it an industry standard timeframe, based on regular wear and tear most … Read More

A word from Tony Spreakley, Director of Envirocycle London

This year, Envirocycle’s Director; Tony Spreckley, was featured as part of World Idea Day – an organisation set up to promote ideas that are having a positive effect on the wider world. Word Idea Day decided to feature Tony’s work with Envirocycle as carpet tiles are one of the planet’s most difficult materials to deal with in terms of recycling … Read More

How to prolong the life of your office carpet tiles.

Our motto is to; ‘remove, reuse and recycle’ when it comes to office carpet tiles. However, we also believe in reducing our society’s impact on the environment as a whole, and as part of that, prolonging the life cycle of carpet tiles is an important factor as well. You may think this advice would be detrimental to our business, but … Read More

The environmental impact of buying recycled carpet tiles

We all know that climate change is happening and that we all need to be doing more to take care of the planet, reduce our overconsumption of resources and become more environmentally friendly. Here at Envirocycle, we’ve found a way to help with recycling and make it commercially viable – by saving carpet tiles from landfill and selling quality used … Read More