A word from Tony Spreakley, Director of Envirocycle London

This year, Envirocycle’s Director; Tony Spreckley, was featured as part of World Idea Day – an organisation set up to promote ideas that are having a positive effect on the wider world.

Word Idea Day decided to feature Tony’s work with Envirocycle as carpet tiles are one of the planet’s most difficult materials to deal with in terms of recycling and disposal. Envirocycle London’s goals are to increase the amount of carpet tiles taken out of the landfill cycle year on year, increasing their lifecycle and, reducing carbon emissions and slowing down the cycle of consume, dispose, replace.

Here is what Tony had to say about Envirocycle’s work:

“Envirocycle London Ltd recovers carpet value by diverting post-consumer carpet tiles from landfill to reuse. In the next 12 months we want to recover 1500 tonnes of waste from the built environment and divert it from landfill, this would be an amazing result for us and we can definitely achieve it.

I’ve been through the highs and lows of running a business. Twice, I have been knocked for large sums of money which had a huge impact on my own personal finances. This makes it hard, but my strength is that if I say something, I will do it, no ifs buts or maybes about it, I deliver what I say I will deliver and above all I am always honest. I am passionate about my business and what we are achieving. We are making a difference.”

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