How to prolong the life of your office carpet tiles.

Our motto is to; ‘remove, reuse and recycle’ when it comes to office carpet tiles. However, we also believe in reducing our society’s impact on the environment as a whole, and as part of that, prolonging the life cycle of carpet tiles is an important factor as well. You may think this advice would be detrimental to our business, but prolonging carpet tile life cycles simply delays the recycling process, making the whole system more sustainable.

We have put together some top tips for prolonging the life of your office carpet tiles.

Keep them clean.

This seems like a ridiculously simple tip, but you would be surprised by the amount of carpet tiles that we remove from offices just to find that a large amount of them just need a thorough clean to bring them back to life. You can hire a professional, commercial carpet cleaning company or rent carpet cleaning equipment online.

Swap worn tiles for less worn ones.

Most offices are going to have areas of high footfall, causing ‘pathways’ to appear on your office carpets. Keeping your office looking new and well kept is both professional and creates a nice working environment for your employees. Identify some areas of your office that get little use and find some unworn tiles to swap out for the worn tiles. You may need to hire a carpet fitter to make sure they are laid properly to meet health and safety regulations.

Buy extra tiles when you have new carpet installed.

If you are looking to replace your office carpet tiles, then ensure that you purchase more tiles than you need. Store them away in an office cupboard or self storage solution and when you reach the point that they need replacing, you already have the same style that you need to give your office a refresh.

Wheeled office chairs are your carpet’s worst enemy!

Office chairs with wheels are bad news for the life of your office carpet tiles. Dirt, grease and small bits of debris often get caught in the wheels and when they are moved they cut, scrape and stain carpet tiles, often beyond the point of cleaning. To stop this happening, decide whether wheeled chairs are necessary for your office. If they are, then ensure the wheels are cleaned often or invest in carpet protectors to place under each office chair.


…if your office carpets have reached the point of no return and you would like an efficient and professional carpet removal and recycling company, get in touch with Envirocycle London and work with us to reduce the amount of carpet tiles getting to landfill.