What can you do with extra carpet tiles? 7 great ideas.

When you buy new or recycled carpet tiles, you most likely buy them in bulk. It’s unlikely however that you’re going to end up with the exact amount of carpet tiles you need for the job. That leaves us with a question that could have some fun and creative answers: What can you do with extra carpet tiles? First off, … Read More

Where can I recycle carpet tiles in South London?

In terms of green credentials, you wouldn’t automatically think that a huge city like London is high on the list. But when it comes to waste disposal, recycling and variety of recyclable materials – London is ahead of most of the country. While we are certainly not at the point of weekly refuse collectors taking away carpet, there are a … Read More

Waste removal companies: Why a waste carriers license isn’t a guarantee

Most of us know that the guy who knocks your door offering to take away the rubbish that’s accumulated in your garden is probably not the person to trust if you want to legally and ethically dispose of your household or other waste. Some will also know that if your waste gets fly-tipped, it is legally still your property and … Read More

What is carpet made of and how long does it take to decompose?

This is a question we are asked on quite a regular basis and it’s one that people have often never asked themselves. Some of us spend most of our at home lives walking around on the stuff, yet most don’t actually understand what carpet is made of and with ever growing importance: How long does it take to degrade or … Read More

How often should you replace your carpet?

This is a question that you might think has an easy answer: When it looks old, replace it? But that is a little too simple when it comes down to it. Let’s delve a little deeper into How Often You Should Replace Your Carpet? We’ll begin by giving it an industry standard timeframe, based on regular wear and tear most … Read More

A word from Tony Spreakley, Director of Envirocycle London

This year, Envirocycle’s Director; Tony Spreckley, was featured as part of World Idea Day – an organisation set up to promote ideas that are having a positive effect on the wider world. Word Idea Day decided to feature Tony’s work with Envirocycle as carpet tiles are one of the planet’s most difficult materials to deal with in terms of recycling … Read More

5 Carpet Cleaning Life Hacks that you can’t believe you didn’t know!

Keeping your carpets and carpet tiles clean and in good condition can add years to the lifecycle of carpets, which can save you money and save the environment. Beyond this, you want to ensure your home, office or workplace looks professional and clean so cleaning carpets really is an essential maintenance above anything else. As part of our core aim … Read More

How long can coronavirus live on carpets?

As the world adjusts to living with Covid-19, we are all having to educate ourselves on the safest and most hygienic ways to go about our daily lives. As some of us return to offices, and others may be looking to replace the carpets in their offices – a question that might spring to mind is; “How long can the … Read More

Discover the savings of purchasing used carpet tiles

At Envirocycle we are big on reducing the waste stream and carbon footprint of carpet tile production and use in the UK. We are also big on saving our customers money, by reselling perfectly good carpet tiles that would have otherwise gone to landfill. We check and grade our carpet tiles so that you can be sure of the level … Read More

How to prolong the life of your office carpet tiles.

Our motto is to; ‘remove, reuse and recycle’ when it comes to office carpet tiles. However, we also believe in reducing our society’s impact on the environment as a whole, and as part of that, prolonging the life cycle of carpet tiles is an important factor as well. You may think this advice would be detrimental to our business, but … Read More