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Welcome to the Envirocycle London Online Shop. Here you will find used carpet tiles and office equipment that we have acquired from our other service channels. We source most of our stock from our reclamation services and believe in reducing waste and reusing or recycling any materials that we can.

Our largest range consists of high quality, used carpet tiles that have been checked and meet our strict requirements for reselling. We understand that buying used carpet tiles online doesn't always come with a guarantee, that's why we offer a returns policy to protect you should you be unhappy with your purchase.

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We specialise in:
  • Used & recycled Carpet tiles
  • Air conditioning units
  • Office furniture
  • Glass partitioning
  • Office equipment
  • Reclamation
  • Salvaged items

Used carpet tile grades:

Our carpet tiles come in three grades of quality. Grades A, B & C are in descending order. You can shop by these categories using the buttons here:

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Why buy used carpet tiles?

Buying used carpet tiles online has many benefits, from the environmental cost and monetary cost through to the practical benefits of selecting the grade of tiles that suit your budget.

Recycled carpet tiles help the environment.

Buying used carpet tiles online has many benefits, the production of carpet tiles uses resources and therefore has an impact on the environment. By buying used carpet tiles you can help to protect the environment by extending the life of each carpet tile you purchase. Eventually they will need disposing of, and when the time comes, we would like the opportunity to dispose of those tiles properly - visit our waste disposal page to find out more.

Buying used carpet tiles can save you hundreds!

It goes without saying that buying used is cheaper than buying new, but when it comes to buying recycled carpet tiles, the savings can be phenomenal. Buying even relatively cheap, new carpet tiles from a retailer such as B&Q can cost up to £20 per square meter. While buying tiles from our online shop can be as cheap as £1 per square meter!

Our graded carpet tiles, explained.

Grade A carpet tiles are as near to new as it can get for reclaimed carpet tiles. Although there maybe slight imperfections on some tiles they will be in consistently great condition & are ideal for retail & office or any project with a budget circa £1.50 per tile.

Grade B carpet tiles will have a mixed quantity of good & not so good carpet tiles but the majority will be of good condition & are popular for social housing use, commercial or domestic landlords & any project with a budget circa £1 per tile.

Grade C carpet tiles are our lower grade carpet tiles & will have higher quantities of tiles that show signs of wear with some balded areas & marks or stains. These are ideal for sheds, garages or outbuildings or any area where they do not need to look in good condition.