What can you do with extra carpet tiles? 7 great ideas.

When you buy new or recycled carpet tiles, you most likely buy them in bulk. It’s unlikely however that you’re going to end up with the exact amount of carpet tiles you need for the job. That leaves us with a question that could have some fun and creative answers:

What can you do with extra carpet tiles?

  1. First off, not feeling creative? Then here’s the simple answer: Contact Envirocycle today and we will collect, reuse and/or recycle your carpet tiles. Just fill in our contact form and we’ll do the rest.
  2. Use them as ice and frost shields for your windscreen: Slot them under your windscreen wipers on cold nights and walk up the next morning with a physical ice blocker. You’ll be surprised how easily they pop off your screen.
  3. Give your garden shed some extra comfort: Carpet tiles can be great draught blockers and will add a little comfort to your garden shed. Be careful with flammable liquids such as petrol, as tiles will absorb this and become a hazard – dispose of them should this occur.
  4. Treat your pet to some luxury: If you have a dog bed, or perhaps you’re puppy training and the pup stays in a cage at night? Carpet tiles can be great to add some extra softness and padding. They can also stop pet beds from slipping on shiny floors.
  5. Soundproof your washing machine: Washing machines can rattle and roll around the kitchen or utility area – place some carpet tiles under the washing machine to cushion some of its movement.
  6. Use one as a garden kneeling cushion: If you’re a keen gardener, you will know the pain of constantly kneeling down while you plant bulbs or pull up weeds. Use carpet tiles as mobile knee-minder and save yourself some joint stress!
  7. Home gym? Protect your flooring from scratches: Since coronavirus struck lots of people have invested in home gym equipment. This can be heavy and sharp by nature, so protect your flooring by putting down some carpet tiles.

Of course, if none of these tips suit your needs. Envirocycle are London’s specialist carpet tiles removers, re-users and recyclers. Contact us today to mask for a quote on removing carpet tiles from your home or office.