How long can coronavirus live on carpets?

As the world adjusts to living with Covid-19, we are all having to educate ourselves on the safest and most hygienic ways to go about our daily lives. As some of us return to offices, and others may be looking to replace the carpets in their offices – a question that might spring to mind is; “How long can the coronavirus live on a surface such as carpets?”

Here’s the short answer for you: No one really knows for sure. This is due to the fact that there are so many variables involved in how hospitable any surface is to a virus and the fact that this virus is ‘novel’, meaning that it’s brand new and may behave in ways that scientists are unsure of yet. But the consensus seems to be anywhere from a few hours to a few days – because carpets can be made of various fibres and can exist in many different environments (your home for example might be warm all day, while an office might get cold at night).

If you are concerned about coronavirus living on any kind of material in your home, the best advice is to use approved government cleaning techniques to keep your home clean.

We hope that you find this information assuring and that all of our customers are staying safe during these exceptional times.