Waste removal companies: Why a waste carriers license isn’t a guarantee

Most of us know that the guy who knocks your door offering to take away the rubbish that’s accumulated in your garden is probably not the person to trust if you want to legally and ethically dispose of your household or other waste. Some will also know that if your waste gets fly-tipped, it is legally still your property and you can face prosecution – but there is a way to ensure you stay within the law.

More and more media coverage has started to inform the public that they need to use a registered waste carrier, with the highly recognised Waste Carriers License being put forward as the holy grail of ensuring your waste removal company is legitimate. However, there is another lesser known element that plays a huge role in ensuring you are no longer legally responsible for that wardrobe that might end up fly tipped in some country idyll.

All companies or individuals that hold a valid Waste Carriers License should legally issue Waste Transfer Notes. This is an official document that lists the waste that is being removed and effectively changes the ownership of the waste the to the company or individual disposing of it. While it is a good sign that someone has a Waste Carriers License, there is nothing to stop someone abusing this license and disposing of the waste in an illegal manner.

A decent waste removal company will give you a Waste Transfer Note as standard, however they may advise that your invoice or payment confirmation is legally equivalent. This is correct, just be sure that whatever documentation you have, it describes the waste being disposed of.

Now you are fully protected against unscrupulous waste disposal companies and you can be happy that your waste isn’t ruining the beautiful British countryside.

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