Discover the savings of purchasing used carpet tiles

At Envirocycle we are big on reducing the waste stream and carbon footprint of carpet tile production and use in the UK. We are also big on saving our customers money, by reselling perfectly good carpet tiles that would have otherwise gone to landfill. We check and grade our carpet tiles so that you can be sure of the level of any wear and tear before making a purchase – even buying at Grade A could save you thousands if you were carpeting an entire office.

But how much could you really save? We thought we would find out by checking our Grade A carpet tiles against the ‘brand new’ retail price and the results are in!

Method: From price checking 5 of our most recent A Grade additions to our carpet tile stock, and cross checking against the top Google results for online retailers of the same tiles. We can easily see the savings that are possible, the average savings per square metre reached £15.30. If you were to furnish a large office of 100m² you would save an average of £1,530 on your carpet tiles.

Save carbon, save the environment, save money.